Go Pure Grenada: You're Free To Wonder

On the southern tip of the Caribbean lies a safe, tiny little country garnished with the beauty of white sand beaches, lush tropical forests, friendly people, beautiful family owned hotels and about six traffic lights. As a haven for yachting, diving, hiking, history and sustainable agricultural tourism we will court you with tastes that launched a thousand ships and music that’s as fresh and organic as the food you eat while you are here. Check us out – you’re free to wander.


Travel Philanthropy Projects

The Grenada Goat Dairy Project

At The Grenada Goat Dairy (TGD), we produce nutritious goat dairy products in harmony with the environment as a working model from which to train and empower Grenadian farmers in achieving independent, dignified livelihoods in sustainable agriculture.

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Strengthening the Foundations of Early Literacy in Grenada

Students in all government primary schools will have access to child-friendly libraries filled with age appropriate books.

50 People donated $12002032 / $2000000

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When more than 50% of the world lives in a city, Pure Grenada becomes more precious each day. Blue sky, clean beaches, safe water: You can explore, photograph, make art, hike, dive, sleep, swim, sail, play and of course help to protect it.

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The thing about world cultures is they’re all one of a kind: Ours is some kind of wonderful. We’re known as ‘friendly’ but we’re also musicians, storytellers, artists, builders, healers, herbalists, mariners, scientists and proud to be ‘we’.

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